5 Tips for the Perfect Family Photo Book

Photo books are a great way to collect your family’s 2016 memories in one place, and make amazing gifts for grandparents and other relatives. To really make your photo book stand out, we’ve got some tips for getting the most out of Snapfish’s design studio.

1. Draw attention with grid pages

Grids are great for making a big impact

Alternating colour and black and white images really makes a grid page of photos stand out! Another great idea is to arrange photos so your subjects are looking towards the middle of the page, to draw your reader’s eye into the centre.

2. Add embellishments to make your book unique

Match your embellishments to your photosLayer embellishments for an extra special design

Snapfish has some amazing default designs which highlight your family photos, but picking your own embellishments really makes your book one-of-a-kind. Think of embellishments like stickers in a scrapbook – they make your page designs fun and unique.

3. Themed spreads 

An themed spread is a great place to put seasonal photos!A beach day spread is great for summer photos

Doing themed spreads is a great way to show off your photos from special days and events. You can also do seasonal or monthly spreads, like these spreads collecting autumn and summer photos! Adding embellishments that fit your theme helps bring the images together and makes your book more exciting.

4. Feature the furry members of your family

Celebrate your pet with a special spread for them

If you have a dog, cat, or other pet, chances are you have a lot of photos of them! Pets are special members of the family and deserve a spot in your book. Snapfish has a lot of pet-themed embellishments that can make a spread of pet photos extra fun.

5. Find different angles to tell a story

Experiment with interesting composition!

Creating a spread with photos that have similar composition can be really visually interesting. Here, we’ve used photos from behind to show a different perspective. Instead of looking at the camera, these kids are looking out into the world and giving us a glimpse of what they’re seeing! 

Feature details for a more interesting grid

The right page of this spread features more traditional family photos as well as photos highlighting the kids splashing around in puddles and cosying up with a blanket. By using closely cropped shots of details like shoes and clothes, this grid becomes much more interesting than just nine headshots!

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