A Journey Through Motherhood: Vanessa Watson shares her story

We caught up with Vanessa Watson, who shared insights into her journey through motherhood, marriage, life, and how she became a social media mum. Here’s her lovely story:

You’re a mother of three children under two! Before your life changed in this way, what were you doing?
Before I had Harper I was working in management in both men’s and women’s fashion. I absolutely loved the fresh, ever-changing vibe of the fashion industry, paired with the relationships I built with customers and reps. I loved it!”

When did you make that step to becoming a “social media Mum”?
“It sort of just happened! I started posting more to my Instagram account during my first pregnancy and then when Harper arrived I was overwhelmed with pride. Naturally I wanted show her off to my family and friends! My audience slowly grew and I found myself connected with mothers alike all over the world. “

How has this evolved with the birth of twins Remy and Florence?
“The Twin Mama journey has been dramatically different for me in so many ways. The fellow twin mums I have met through this journey have been the most graceful and supportive women I have ever come across. No matter how hard their own journeys, they adapt and encourage every step of the way. I am so proud to be one of these Mamas.

My journey has also become more raw. I’m not afraid to show the tough and challenging side to motherhood that people often shy away from talking about. I want, more than anything, for women to feel that they’re not alone in what they’re feeling or going through. And if I can inspire someone along the way, that’s a bonus.”

What are some of the challenges in what you do right now?
“Balance is something I find extremely hard at this point of my life. I give absolutely everything to my family and it’s hard to find time to make myself a priority and fill my own needs. I also feel really isolated at times, which is one of my drives for creating a way mothers can feel more together and connected.”

And who and what do you find inspiring and motivational?
“Gosh! The list of inspirational women in my life is too long to attempt. There are so many wonderful mothers slaying being a mum that I am inspired by daily. I’m inspired by Mamas in business, which I aspire to be one day, and hope I can juggle things as well as they do. And just incredibly strong women who, in a way, give me strength.”

Tell us about the Snapfish experience: why you get involved, where you aim to take it, where Snapfish will “fit” in your family’s “world.”
“Naturally I’m a picture-taker. My family owned a local Photolab for years, so documenting life is sort of bred into me.As I kid, I loved looking at the photos we had around the house, the photos and memories stick so vividly in my mind. I’d love that for my own children.

I’m looking forward to inspiring other families to find different and original ways to get their pictures off their phones and into their homes. We all take photos – but do we ever share them? How do photographs play a part in families, with friends, and more-broadly? And where do they fit in your world?

It really makes a house a home to look around and remember moments you’ve shared together at just a glance. Families change and grow so fast, it’s important for me to remember ours at every point – that’s why I take photos.”

Thanks for sharing, Vanessa!

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