Four great reasons to create photo books

Whilst individual, quality photos are great for capturing special moments and once-in-a-lifetime events – what about memories, traditions or important aspects of your life from one year to the next? Simple answer: Photo Books!

Your kids growing up
Time flies when you’re raising kids (and having fun!) Before you know it, they’ll be out of the house, starting their careers. With a photo book for each year, you’ll always be able to remember and showcase your favourite memories throughout their childhoods and teens! Your favourite moments will look beautiful in a Softcover Portrait photo book (from $29.95).

Pets getting older
We can’t forget our furry family friends! Pets are family members, too! A photo book will allow you to remember the good times you had raising and caring for your cats, dogs and other family pets. Share these with fellow pet-lovers, or keep them on your coffee table for guests to see. Your best friends will look stylish in a Linen Landscape photo book (from $39.95).

Sports careers
Keep ‘track of it all’ – improving your skills, victories and the great times you shared with your teammates. Or, maybe you have kids who’ve just begun to play a sport, and you want to document their progression from their junior years to their school teams and maybe even beyond. Your best sport memories will look awesome in a Premium Landscape photo book (from $59.95).

Family traditions
You probably already take snapshots at reunions, holidays and other gatherings, but wouldn’t it be great to consolidate those pictures into a collection that showcases your growing and changing family? You’ll be able to show these yearly traditions to all of your family members every time they visit. Show off the best memories of the year in a Leather Landscape photo book (from $54.95).

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