How To Capture Great Family Photos

Are your family photos a bit disappointing? The images not quite capturing the reality of a lovely family time or your kids’ gorgeous smiling faces? Too many closed eyes and ‘aw mum!’ grimaces in a whirl of arms and legs and dark shadows?


Get that loving feeling
The best pictures come when you capture the love and laughter within a family group, capturing the interaction between family members. You don’t want soldiers in a row all staring at the camera, so try and ‘layer’’ family members, asking some people to sit on the floor and others to stand behind.
Pro tip: Ask them to look at each other to capture authentic expressions and that precious connection, taking three to five shots because inevitably someone will blink.












Pick your moment & be quick
To capture natural unposed pictures of your children, have your camera on standby. It’s all about sitting back and observing them while they’re engaged in something else and capturing their enjoyment.  A clever trick for capturing children with short attention spans: for an authentic natural smile, wait a few seconds longer before you click the shutter – a child might give you a cheesy grin initially but if you can make them laugh and snap your photo just afterwards, you’re more likely to get natural smiles. And lastly, embrace imperfection. That’s what we look back on with fondness.


Seek out the light
The right light will improve the quality of your pictures immediately. Find as much natural light as you can – either go outside or photograph your children close to a window.


Enjoy your family photos
And when you’ve taken a photo you love, display it proudly, whether in a printed photo book or framed or canvas print on the wall, so those moments of joy continue to resonate through the years while your children grow up and change dramatically.

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