If there’s one thing that can make or break a photograph more than any other, it’s lighting. You might have the most incredible landscape, or be planning to take a family photo, but without the right quality of light you might be left with a flat and uninspiring photo.

We have created some top tips on how to take the perfect morning shot which look beautiful on canvas, as prints or even as a picturesque fridge magnet. Lighting during the morning golden hour is soft, diffused, and warm.


The morning is a key time to photograph into the sun, creating a halo around your subject. The term is called ‘sun flare’, which helps to add an artistic feel to your photograph.


Head to your local cafe or park to find an amazing variety of colours and textures. Capture the contrast of the walls, materials, colours and emotions of the atmosphere around you. Early mornings tend to be quiet and still, a great opportunity to photograph the ‘calm before the storm.’


Silhouettes work beautifully for sunrises; when aiming your camera at a bright light, notice your subject become dark. This will create a striking effect.


Give it a go and see how it transforms your photography. Try setting yourself a summer project to photograph your favourite places in the morning and create a photo book, we can’t wait to see your photos!

My name is Jayden, and I am a landscape photographer.

I was living on a dairy farm when I got my first camera. As there were no buildings, cars or people; I took pictures of my surroundings which happened to be beautiful landscapes of mountains, paddocks, and forests. My passion started here.

Landscape photography gives you a lot of time to appreciate nature, whilst looking for the ideal composition. I like shooting during sunrise and sunset the most, so photographing landscapes is great meditation in a bustling world.


Landscape photography also has a lot of possibilities. You can shoot long exposures and explore astrophotography, you can shoot a time-lapse video and watch how nature moves, or you can get creative and combine photos.

I love to print my landscapes on canvas, and love the creativity of building a collage with square and rectangle canvas prints. With Christmas approaching, I will be designing a calendar with all of my favourite landscape photos from the year.

Professional tips when shooting:
Bring extra warmth such as a blanket
Bring along a water or a tea
Go high and shoot across
Find an ‘interest’
Bring plenty of snacks
Shoot with clouds


If you’re passionate about nature, hiking, and landscapes then I recommend you give landscape photography a try!

Photography by Jayden Harrod.
Jayden’s favourite canvas print size is 75x150cm
To create your own calendar, click here.

Did you know you could save a project as you go? We have a ‘Save’ and a ‘Save As’ tool to make it easy to create different versions.


Under “…” – Click on the dots and see SAVE PROJECT AS, and give it a new name.

save-as-3save-as-2 Then visit your ‘My Projects’ page, to find your saved versions.
Open one and re-save as to create a second back up version.


Enjoy creating your projects and saving as many versions as you like!