Photo Book Idea: Create Your Own Cook Book

Combine all your favourite creations in one stylish place. One part story, one part photos, one part recipe.






Choose your desired photo book
Choose your desired book from the photo books page, then follow these steps:
A. Select a size and book type (we recommend 28x20cm Portrait Hardcover).
B. Pick a design category (e.g. PATTERNS), then select a design (e.g. Dip Dye).
C. The book preview will be updated with the selected design.
D. Once you have chosen a design, select the make this photo book button.


Add photos – take a picture of your edible creation, or find a picture online and take a screenshot
You’re now in the book builder with your selected design, ready to add photos:
A. Select the get photos button to open the photo picker.
B. Import photos from your device, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.
C. Select the photos you’d like to use, then select the add to project button.


Add in the text (ingredients and method)
Type in the secret family recipe or copy and paste one from online into the text pages. Press and drag your text pages to sit directly next to the corresponding pictures.


Add embellishments
They give you the freedom to explore your creative side. Add as many as you want! P.S. There is a whole section of cooking embellishments.


Perfect for your own kitchen, as a gift to children moving out, or even passing down family recipes.

Ta-Da! You have now created your very own cook book. Show us your very own cookbook by tagging us on Instagram #snapfishaunz or posting to our Facebook page!

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