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3 DIY Craft Ideas to keep your kids occupied this Summer Holiday

Okay mums and dads, let’s not beat around the bush. We love our kids to bits – but we have to admit, keeping them occupied for the impending six weeks of school holidays is slightly… daunting! In an ideal world our kids are happy and entertained and we can finally get a spare moment to relax and enjoy a moment to ourselves… without the parent guilt!

Here are our top 3 DIY craft ideas and projects to keep your little ones happy, busy and entertained these holidays.


I think we can all remember a period in our life when scrapbooking was the craze! Scribbling our crushes’ names down… glueing as much glitter on as possible… testing our sparkly new gold gel pen. Ah, to be in primary school again. 

The great thing about scrapbooking is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s a great opportunity to allow your kids to creativity run wild – they can experiment with new materials, concepts, textures and ideas! What’s best about scrapbooking is that it not only makes memories through its creations – it captures them as well. 

All you’ll need is a notepad, some brightly coloured pens, crayons or textas and some printed photographs featuring your most cherished memories. At Snapfish, we have delightful prints of all sizes – perfect for any scrapbook! 

The next part is the best part – decorating time! Let your kids give their pages finishing touches with glitter, newspapers, ribbons, wrapping papers, envelopes, dyed macaroni – anything you can think of. 

Why not take your scrapbooks to the next level by making the pages 3D? It’s super easy to make these cute flags – all you need is some kid-safe glue, some string, and colourful ribbons. Simply cut the desired length of string and divide your ribbons by 10cm snippets. Next, just gently glue your ribbon segments along the string in the desired intervals. Lastly, snip the base of the ribbons in two diagonals to make a flag shape. And voila! Easy, 3D flags to stick to your already awesome scrapbook pages.

Mug Painting:

Memories are made for cherishing, reminiscing and drinking… wait, what? 

That’s right! Our mugs are a fun way to cherish the moments that matter most – and you can encourage your kids to drink more water while you’re at it. An awesome DIY craft activity for the holidays is to get your kids to design and paint their own mug. It’s also super simple! 

Start with getting your kids to log into the Snapfish app and help them to select a mug of their choice. We bet they’ll love the coloured mugs – they can choose from pink, red or light blue… perfect for everyone. Then simply choose the designs they want to see on their mug every day, along with a cheeky photo or two.

Have fun with themes, design variations and text, and keep in mind that you want to be painting these designs, so try to keep it black and white! Once you’ve finished designing your masterpiece – it’s go time. Order it and sit by the door until the postman rings!

The fun’s not over yet. Now that you have your mug, it’s time to paint it! Head to the local craft shop and choose colourful paints for your design. Acrylic paint is also suitable for most ceramic mugs. However, some acrylics are designed specifically for unglazed ceramics – so make sure you check the label before purchasing!

Once you’ve got your paint – it’s time to decorate those babies. With photos of your loved ones and your awesome painted designs – you’ll never ever drink out of another mug again.

Photo books:

Want a mess-free alternative? At Snapfish, our interactive and easy to use website is totally kid friendly. Allow your kids’ creativity to run wild as they build and create their own personalised items. The best part is featuring your favourite memories and creating something you’ll come back to years and years in the future. It’s also a great way to introduce technology healthily to your young ones. It makes for an awesome bonding moment too. 

Our photo books can be designed to perfection – play with different templates, designs, colours, backgrounds and even add on stickers of your choice! It’s so much fun and so easy.

There’s plenty of fun projects and products to personalise and keep your kids busy these holidays on Snapfish. Choose from placemats, photo books, mugs, coasters, calendars, puzzles and more to design and give your kids (and yourself!) the break they deserve. Get creative now at Snapfish.


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