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3 Simple Steps to Creating a Beautiful Family Tree Wall Decal

All kids love looking at family photos. That’s a fact. But maybe you’re looking for a more creative way to share those treasured family snaps around your home for them to enjoy? Sacha and Anouke from the Maker’s Loft have created this stunning personalised family tree that you can recreate in your home.

What you’ll need

  • Framed prints
  • Tree wall Decal
  • Squeegee or ruler and cloth for decal application
  • Hooks or tape for hanging

Step 1: Apply your decal

Your first step is to pick a decal that works for your space and style. There are so many options online or in your local craft store to choose from.

Take it slow when applying the decal. When you start placing your decal on the wall, begin with the large pieces first. It might help at this point to use your squeegee or a ruler covered with a soft cloth to help make sure there is a smooth application. We don’t want any bubbles!

Tip: Remember, most decals are reusable so if it’s not straight enough, carefully remove and reapply.

As you move your way along the tree, place your framed print as a guide. Don’t apply it just yet! Use them to make sure you leave enough space between applying the branches.

Step 2: Hang your frames

Now that you’ve place all the pieces of your decal on the wall, it’s time to hang your frames.

For us, we chose to use hanging tape, but you could also use hooks.

Place these evenly around the tree, filling in the spaces that have been left between branches with your most treasured family memories.

Step 3: Add your personal touches

The decal that we used came with leaves and birds. We left off the birds for this rooms style, but the leaves add a little more life to the look.

Tip: Remember – you don’t have to stick to the original decal design.

The rest of the design is up to you!

This decal is in Anouke’s daughter’s room so we added a pink ‘A’ for Ava to add a little colour and personalisation to the design.

But you could add anything. Why not add little creatures with paint or a string of beads to bling it up? You don’t need to stop there. Keep some space around the tree to add photos or other keepsakes at a later point. Remember, the tree can always grow!

Finished creating your Family tree? Make sure you share them with us on social using #snapfishaunz. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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