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3 ways to give your home the paw-fect trans-fur-mation!

Let’s face it- we are all obsessed with our pets.

Whether it’s their cute little tails, or the way they jump on you excitedly when you’re home- whatever they do, you love them for it! 

We all want our homes to feel like our own. And our pets do a great job at creating that feeling. But why stop there? With customisable home decor ideas, you can make your living space even more paw-fect with pictures of your beloved furry.

This blog is dedicated to all the pet-lovers out there who can’t get enough of their four legged or feathery friends. Here are 3 ways to customise your living spaces with pet features and designs (and hint: they are all available at Snapfish!).


Cuddly Cushion 


One of the best things about pets is their cuddles. No matter how hard your day was, a cuddle from your critter makes everything okay. But what if they are getting groomed? Or the dog walker is walking them? Or worst of all- what happens when they aren’t around anymore? 

We dread the thought of it, but unfortunately it’s a stark reality. To keep your furry friend alive in spirit and in your heart forever, and there whenever you need a cuddle, why not print them on our gorgeous cushions? 

With a variety of materials, including linen, canvas and sequins, get your favourite memories and photographs of your pets printed on them. 

Shop our Cushion covers and start designing here


Wall Collage 


Have a bare wall? Bored of your bedroom? Want to spice it up?

Why not get creative and cover your wall with prints of your pet?  Available in many different sizes and textures, our prints are perfect for creating any masterpiece! 

We recommend Pinterest for inspiration. They are always full of exciting angles and designs that can help you kick-start your creation. You can also check out our Instagram for other inspiration. 


Fridge Magnets 


Okay, let’s be real- we’re never going to be able to keep the pets out of the fridge…so why not cover the fridge with their faces? 

Our fridge magnets are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They are handy, and keep your shopping lists and notes neatly off the floor (and out of your new puppy’s reach)! But most importantly- they are also adorable! When you feature your favorite memories of you and your pet, they become great conversation starters and reminders of how much you love them. 


So that’s it. There are 3 easy ways to transform your living space to reflect the pet-obsessed person you are! For more creative ideas on how to use our Snapfish products, check out our other blogs. 




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