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5 Custom Christmas Decor Ideas

Please tell us one thing- how on earth is it already November? 

While we’re busy trying to figure out that answer, the fact that it is in fact November means it’s time to start planning your Christmas or holiday decorations. Your gorgeous Snapfish holiday decorations need to be ordered by 8 December to be shipped in time for the big day. This means it’s time to take a weekend with your kids or your loved one and design the Christmas you want to bring to life! 

Here are our top five ideas for beautiful custom Christmas decorations. If you’d like more ideas, just head over to our Instagram and browse both our pics and our Highlight, “Your Creations”, to see the things your fellow Snapfish fans are creating!

Without further ado…

#1 – Tree Decorations

Why not create a stunning wreath ornament of each family member to hang on the Christmas tree this year? The earlier in your kids’ lives (or your relationship) you start doing this, the more decorations you’ll accumulate each year. You can tell the whole story of your family on your Christmas tree! 

These beautifully sculpted, hand-painted polyresin wreath ornaments also make great gifts. A tiny gold tone charm dangles within the center of each wreath, so if someone is missing from your Christmas, or if you have to miss theirs, you can at least be present in spirit with one of these hanging on the tree amid the candy canes and glitter balls. 

Order yours now as individual ornaments or packs of four, and start your new tradition. 

#2 – Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas cards this year? Or maybe you want to create a personal card for each gift – one that will stand out on the mantelpiece. With a personalised photo Christmas card, you can guarantee your card will take pride of place in every living room. You can even step it up and go glossy! Fancy!

We have so many different templates for gift cards and greeting cards. You can either use one of those, adding in your own photos, or customise the card completely to your own taste. 

Order your Christmas cards now and start sending them out as soon as December rolls around. Maybe you’ll even inspire people to make custom photo cards of their own, so you can have some on your mantelpiece as well! Or you could just keep one for yourself… we won’t tell anyone.

#3 – Bags For All Those Presents!

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly alternative to the mountains of wrapping paper waste every Christmas morning generates, look no further. Our range of calico bags includes four different styles, and you can customise all of them with one or multiple photos – to make sure that the right presents go to the right family member! 

The best part is that if your design is flexible, you can use these bags all year round, and not just tuck them away in the cupboard for the next holiday season. Save the planet and your wallet at the same time – you’ll never have to buy wrapping paper again.

Choose from our drawstring, tote, shopping and library bags to stash your presents in. 

#4 – Dining Decorations

Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch, Christmas dinner… to be honest, no matter what holiday you celebrate, there’s a special kind of joy that comes with sitting down for a meal with everyone you love, especially if you only get the chance once or twice a year.

This year, for your chosen feast, take your table decorations one step further and customise your placemats and coasters. Imagine your family’s delight as they step into the dining room and discover the memories waiting for them on the table. You’ll have to make sure nobody tries to sneak them out the door at the end of the night – or maybe you can give them as special gifts to your diners. 

For the complete set, we recommend placemats and coasters. You can get both as individual designs for that extra custom touch, or you can order them in sets of four. If you’re going for that true dining experience, why not make coffee or hot chocolate in your own photo mugs as well? Our magic mugs are a delightful hit with every member of the family. 

#5 – Calendars

Since we’re talking about decor at the end of the year, we have to throw this one in here. Calendars are a huge hit in the holiday season, either for your own homes or as gifts. Have your 2020 calendar ready to go up on the wall when you start taking all the holiday decorations down. (Or leave them up all year ‘round and make the calendar match, suggests one of our Christmas-loving team members.) 

There are lots of options for your calendar. How about a glossy poster or a kitchen calendar? Or you can go with something more traditional, and choose from our wide range of sizes and templates to help your design really sparkle. 

And that concludes our list! We still haven’t quite reached an answer for how it’s already November 2019, but let’s just forget about that and enjoy the holiday season. For more inspiration on decor and gift ideas, make sure to check out the Snapfish store, our Instagram, or Facebook. Happy designing!

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