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5 Photo Book Ideas to Take Your Gifting to the Next Level

There is always a reason to start thinking about sweet and personalised gift ideas for the ones you love.

If you want to take your photo gifting to a whole new level this year, then personalising them is the way to go. And everyone loves looking at photos – even if they tell you they don’t.

So here are a couple of creative ways you can really hit the mark with a personalised photo book. They will help take all your special photo memories and turn them into something your loved ones will look at, time and time again.

1 Travel Photo book

You’ve probably taken so many fantastic holidays with your family and friends. It’s something you will always talk about. 

Don’t just leave those fabulous shots you took on the beach in Fiji, at Disneyland or next to the Eiffel Tower on your Instagram feed. Why not take those memories and put them in print? Use one of our many travel themed layouts to create a gift that will keep those holiday memories alive forever.

Go one step further and print two so that you can both treasure them.

Image: @troopytrails on Instagram.

2 “A year in review” photo book

Coming to the end of the year, a photo book which looks back at some of the more memorable moments from the year just gone is a must-have.

Whether it’s for your mum or a grandparent, it’s always great to take a look back over some of your favourite moments with your family (or friends).

It’s not just a great gift idea, but definitely something you could make a habit of every year. Why not use our Instagram themed layout or one of our many other year in review option. Choose the style that best suits your photos!

Image: @mollyandgizmo on Instagram.

3 “Tell your own story” photo book

They do say we all have a story in us. Well why not let that out in an awesome picture and text combo? Your kids will love it, especially if they’re the star of the adventure you create.

You’ve still got time to get creative with a fun photoshoot using little costumes and sheets, like instagrammer @tishbollema has done for her two kids Ottis and Bo.

Image: @tishbollema on Instagram.

Or you could create a completely magical story of your own. Have some fun with it!

Image: @mermaidtarielle on Instagram.

4 “Build your own cookbook” photo book

Mmm… food. I am sure over the years you’ve received your fair share of recipe books. But how much would you love to have your favourite recipes in one book?

Well if you love it, why wouldn’t your family and friends? Add in a couple of food photos and some snaps of yours with your friends and family. Voila! You’ve got your foody-besties all time greatest gift sorted.

Image: @sara_con45 on Instagram.

5 “Special message” photo book

Got something special you want to tell your friend or loved one? Photos are the most spectacular way to do that.

Maybe it’s just a little list of some of your favourite things about them. Or maybe it’s an even more important question…

Image: @mricho on Instagram.

Now you’ve got the ideas it’s time to start creating. You can get great deals on our photo books right now!



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