How To Announce Your Baby In Style

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! It’s safe to say that you won’t be the only ones excited about your baby’s arrival. Whether you’re overloaded in pink or blue, your friends and family will “ooh” and “aah” over your newborn’s details. A birth announcement is the perfect way to let loved ones know about your baby. It also gives you an easy way to share photos and important information about your baby. Delight your family and friends by sharing their first special moments on a personalised photo card.

Flat Lay Photo Cards
Our flat photo cards are available in 3 sizes (10x20cm, 12.5×12.5cm and 12.5×17.5cm) and sold in sets of 20 with matching white envelopes.

When designing your baby announcement, Snapfish have a wide selection of designs & layouts to suit your desire – just add your text and images. Here are some photo ideas:

Schedule close to nap time for a sweet, sleepy photo shoot.

Add a touch of personality & humour with cute accessories.

Capture a special moment with the baby and their new sibling.

Who Receives A Birth Announcement?
A new baby announcement is usually sent to relatives and close friends. It’s also a good idea to send announcements to everyone who went to your baby shower.

When To Send A Birth Announcement?
The ideal time to send out announcements is right after the baby is born. However, this is a very busy time, and if you can’t get the announcements out right away, that’s completely fine. Etiquette states that you have up to six months after the baby is born to send out your formal announcements.

Pro tip: write out the announcements and address envelopes before you give birth. Then, add in the relevant information after you have your baby. This will help save you time during the busy period after the baby arrives.

Sending out a birth announcement to your loved ones acts as a heartfelt gesture to celebrate life, no matter how far away they live from you. We’d love to see your designs! Just tag us on Instagram #snapfishaunz or post to our Facebook page!

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