How To Create The Perfect Baby Book

They don’t stay young forever. Capture all of baby’s firsts & remember how adorable they once were in our high quality photo books.

An effective baby book must capture the sense of wonder and blessedness that comes with having a new child in the home. It should emphasise milestones and give the reader an appreciation for the baby’s world as those big moments transpired. Here are our top 12 photo book ideas:

Begin the Story at Planning or Pregnancy
One of the best ways to commence a photo book is to start at the beginning, the very beginning. Share photos of the Mum & Dad love story. Tell the story of planning for baby, and moments of the pregnancy all the way up until the big day.

Design a Creative Ultrasound Page
An ultrasound picture is Mum and Dad’s first glimpse at their new baby. This is a big deal, and it should have a page dedicated to it. You can use the ultrasound picture as the centrepiece and surround it by hospital visit dates.

Create a Baby Shower Page
The baby shower is a highlight of the preparation process. It should use a two-page spread at least, so plan accordingly. Pro tip: during the shower, assign someone as the official photo/video taker.

Tell the Birth Story
Document photos (only if you’re comfortable with it) of your trip to the hospital, in labour & most importantly the first time you hold your little one.

Show Mummy and Daddy’s Story Too
When there are tough photo decisions to make, opt for the ones that have Mum and Dad in the frame. Milestones are a big deal in your photo book. Another way to include Mum and Dad is to incorporate their milestones as well. A series of shots of Mum feeding or Dad cradling the baby can show their evolution as they acclimate to their new roles.

Record Important World Facts
Provide the baby book with a real sense of time and place. What was the world like when baby was born? Share a photo collage of interesting world facts & events that took place on the day of birth and during the baby’s first year.

Create Milestones Using a Month-By-Month Grid Pattern
Establishing milestones can be tricky during the first year of a baby’s life. The milestones are usually small blessings, such as new facial expressions. A great way to document these small milestones is to create a grid or other arrangement. Use our layouts to create twelve positions for milestone photos. Use the remainder of the space for embellishments.

Include Spiritual Life and Ceremonies
Each community has its own unique way of welcoming a new child into the fold. These events hold a great deal of significance and should be included in the book in a way that reflects that importance. Even if the book uses a lighthearted approach, set aside these pages to be solemn.

Dedicate Pages to Going Places
During that first year, wherever Mum and Dad go with baby, it’s a big deal. Everything is a first, so feature these excursions in the baby book. Include the first trip to grandma’s house, the park, the zoo, the beach or pool, and even the grocery store. Highlight the first car ride, train ride, airplane ride, and overnight trip.

Make Pages for Moods, Likes, and Dislikes
New baby books should capture the infant’s unique personality. Capturing the personality of a person younger than one year old can be tricky, but one way to do it is to create montages or grids of moods, likes, and dislikes. For instance, set aside a page for smiles, and give it 52 squares; then snap a photo of the baby’s first smile each week, and put it in the book. This technique works for frowns, crying, laughter, and even disgustful reactions to new foods.

Devote a Section to Doctor Visits and Growth
Doctor visits are frequent during the first year and thus very significant in the baby and parents’ life. In addition to the visits themselves, consider building pages around the growth record and the shot record. Facial expressions during shots can create an adorable montage.

Conclude the Baby Book with Birthday Number One
No baby book can be large enough to include an entire childhood, which is why it’s best to organise efforts into stages and unique books. The new baby book has a great beginning. It should have a momentous ending as well, and the baby’s first birthday is the perfect event.

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Originally sourced: Creative Baby Techniques 

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