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How To Create The Perfect Baby Journal

Learn how Stacey Welsh, blogger and mother of 5, shows us how she captured special moments during her pregnancy and childrens’ first year to create the perfect baby journal for all to look back on.

Looking back on my own childhood is something I love doing. I have my mother to thank for this, as she made a scrapbook of my first five years. I am so grateful she did, as it allows me to relive so many precious moments and share them with my own family. This inspired me to do the same for my own children, so they can look back on their childhood and see it with filled with so much love and laughter.

With the help of my lovely photographer and friend, Stacey Downer, I have been able to capture so many beautiful moments of all my children’s first years, in particular, my youngest daughter, Bowie.

Here’s my list of essential moments to capture during your pregnancy and the first year of your child’s life:

Pregnancy Announcement

My husband, Phill, and I announced the big news of our fifth to our friends and family with our ultrasound photo, from the very first time we saw our little baby. We also used it to kick off the baby journal.

Pro tip: surround the image with hospital visit dates for more detail.

Sharing The News With The Siblings

To get to this beautiful moment, Phill and I took our children on an adventure into the bush and handed them each a note that read: You are going to be a big sibling. The raw emotions in this photo are what I love most and I’m so glad we captured it. The faces of my children say it all; shock, excitement, and the realisation there is one more person to share mum and dads love.

Gender Reveal

Another exciting milestone in the lead up to the birth is the gender reveal – a moment I wanted to remember forever. Earlier that morning, I visited the hospital with my best friend to find out the gender of my little one. We had previously ordered two cakes, one blue and one pink, and on the way home, collected the appropriate coloured cake. With my photographer, Stacey, stationed in front of our family ready to capture the moment, tears of joy fell when the cake was cut and revealed a soft, pink centre.

Nursery Room

In preparation for our little girl, we created her an adorable nursery. It is her special place where she will sleep, cry (hopefully not too much!), and grow. Decorated with her name and pastel colours, we hope Bowie will love this room as much as we do.

First Photo

It’s time! The nine-month build up to the most magical moment. Our dear Bowie was born at home at 7:40am. To share the wonderful news with friends and family, I used a milestone card from Sweet Petit which said: “Hello world, I’m new here.”

Use Milestone Cards

As you are with your new bundle of joy every day, it can be hard to notice the changes they go through within their first year. The milestones I love to document are usually small blessings, such as week-by-week growth or facial expressions. A great way to remember these small milestones is to use a milestone card.

Dedicate Pages to Going Places

During that first year, wherever we go with Bowie, it’s a big deal. Everything is a first, so feature these excursions in your baby book. Include the first trip to grandma’s house, the park, the zoo, the beach or pool, and even the grocery store. Highlight the first car ride, train ride, aeroplane ride, and overnight trip.

Use Your Creativity

One of my most treasured photo ideas is the coconut milk bath photo shoot I arranged for Bowie. It was such a hit with my children they all wanted a photo in it!

Conclude with Birthday Number One

No baby journal can be large enough to include an entire childhood, which is why it’s best to organise efforts into stages and unique books. It should have a momentous ending, and the baby’s first birthday is the perfect event. This special milestone is yet to come for my little Bowie.

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