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Photos are like windows in time, says wellness author Kris Abbey

Wellness advocate and author Kris Abbey (@spagirlkris) sat down with us to talk about how we can use photos to take a walk down memory lane with those who matter most to us. She also shared her tips for how to freshen up your living area for the warmer months. 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us, Kris. Can you share a little bit about why these photos in particular are important to you?

Family is my top priority. I was one of five kids, and growing up I was always really close with my siblings. My childhood summers are filled with good memories. As for these photos, my own children now are everything to me. 

When you think about it, time goes by so fast! And we take so many photos now, but we don’t tend to frame them or put them in albums like we used to. They just stay on phones and cameras and hard drives. Snapfish is bringing back that old school nostalgia for me, the fun of getting back your developed photos. It’s such a fun way of putting your most important memories out there in the world. 

Kris Abbey's dog posing with Snapfish Custom Canvas Cushion Covers

It sounds like it’s really important to you to capture these memories. Why is that?

I think it’s just that time goes by so quick, you know. Your memory gets old and your ability to recall exactly what happens gets worse and less and less. But when you’ve got memories captured in pictures and frames and you can see it, it just takes you straight back there, to that brilliant moment. 

I look at that photo of the three kids with their backs to the camera looking at the beach. You know, that picture brings back not just that day, but that whole time in our lives. They were so innocent.

I also like to talk about memories with the other people who were involved so that we get different perspectives about the same event. Having it there in physical form, in great pictures or frames, you’re going to see it and think about it more often, and get the chance to have those lovely conversations with people about it. 

Photo of Kris Abbey's 3-in-1 Framed Print by Snapfish

What are some of your favourite family memories?

When I was a kid, we had a massive property with a big dam on it. We used to go water skiing on it. It was so peaceful and fun. With my own family, with my kids…  I think it’s the little things like when we all decide to go on a hike together. It’s just time together. My favourite part is when you actually have time as a family because it’s hard when everyone’s busy, and it’s only getting harder as they get older. When we actually have time together, that’s wonderful. It could just be all of us at the beach lying on a towel. We do enjoy each other’s company.

And I’m proud and happy that my kids love hanging out with each other as much as I loved hanging out with my siblings. Certainly when they were younger, they spent a lot of time together. Just last night it was just the three of them in the pool together. I see that all the time. One gets in and another one gets in and the third one thinks ‘Oh, I’ll get in too.’ Wish I’d gotten a photo of that!

We had the chance to work together on a wonderful video featuring your creations. What was your favourite Snapfish creation that people will see in the videos?

I love the cushions… but for me, my favourite is the photo on the wooden wall panel. 

You can hang it like a picture and you don’t need a frame, it’s still sturdy. And I just love that photo. Cushions can fit into your lifestyle so I think that’s kind of fun. But that photo and the way I can hang it on the wall and have it be a feature, or maybe stand it on a shelf and have other images around it, that makes that panel the standout for me. It’s a good shape, a good size, and it feels more professional and warm than a canvas. 

Kris Abbey looking at a Snapfish Wooden Wall Panel

In the spirit of our videos, what advice would you give people who are looking to redecorate or renovate their homes? Spring is the perfect time of year to freshen up your living spaces.

The first thing I do is a big declutter. I love to strip a space back and just clean all the surfaces and get everything off it. And I love plants. I like having a bit of nature inside. So those are steps one and two – a big clean, then adding plants. 

I also like lots of flowers. I do love tiger lilies because they smell so beautiful. They’re my go to. But I also love natives like pink bottle brushes and grey gum leaves and those sort of natural native Australian flowers. And they last longer! 

I also like to mix up colours. I might go through a blue phase and have blue soft furnishings but then I’ll go in the next season and change the colours. By just changing the colours of soft furnishings like cushions and hangings you can really add colour to a room. 

And finally, having pictures up makes any space feel really homey. That’s why I’m so thrilled to have these wooden panels – it’s such a beautiful way to showcase my favourite memories. 

Thank you, Kris! For more from Snapfish and Kris’ videos, make sure you follow Kris at @spaandwellnessinternational on Instagram or on, and our Snapfish Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

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