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How to Create a Truly Unique Mug Gift For Dad

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 1 September. It’s never too early to plan your gifts, especially if you’re creating a truly unique gift for Dad.

In this blog, we break down how to make an awesome full wrap mug into 3 easy steps!

What you’ll need

  • A computer or phone (with the Snapfish app)
  • A selection of photos
  • Your creativity
  • Love for dad

Step 1: Pick your photo(s)

You have a few options for your photos:

  1. Use a single wide photo (roughly 1450×660 pixels)
  2. Multiple photos (don’t worry about size, but go as high resolution as you can go)


Tips for choosing the right photos:

  • Pick your favourite memories (doesn’t matter how old they are!)
  • Go through some old print photos and scan them onto your computer
  • Use a “theme” like photos with similar colours or similar backgrounds (e.g. Photos from the last family trip to the Gold Coast)

Step 2: Design your mug

If this is your first time creating a Snapfish mug, don’t worry! You don’t need any special design skills. Use features like Layouts, Design Variations and More Designs to help give you some inspiration.

Making a unique mug is so easy to do that you can work together on your mug project with your kids 💙

Use our default layouts to see ways you can arrange your photos

Not a designer? Not a problem! Use More Designs to get you started.


Tips for designing your gift for Dad:

  • Keep it simple: use a maximum of 5-6 photos
  • If you use text, make the font size bigger than 12 pts. so you can read it on the mug
  • Use Embellishments to add some design flair to your mug
  • Making a magic mug? Stick with a white background so that it blends in with the white colour that shows when you have hot water in the mug

A selection from our wide range of awesome Father’s Day Embellishments

Step 3: Review & order your mug

This step is important so you know what your mug might look like before you buy it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Rotate your preview so you can see what either side of the mug will look like
  • Make sure you’re happy with how the photos wrap and change them if you want to
  • Choose your mug colour: you can choose from red, white, blue and pink!

From this point, add your mug to your cart and fill out all your shipping details 📦

Tips for ordering and shipping

  • Choose your delivery option keeping in mind:
    • Standard: Up to 11 business days to ship (3 to make, 8 to deliver)
    • Express: Up to 6 business days to ship (3 to make, 3 to deliver)
  • Order early so you don’t get caught out by the Father’s Day delivery cut-off dates:
    • AU: Standard (order by Sun, 18th Aug), Express (order by Sun, 25th Aug)
    • NZ: Standard (order by Mon, 19th Aug)

Final tips

  • Be creative with your mug – it doesn’t have to be perfect, so long as it’s made with love
  • Get your kids and their awesome ideas involved
  • Order early 🚚

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