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Newlywed Nathalie Craig shares how photos are the key to a family’s past and future

We sat down with travel writer Nathalie Craig (@grateful_wanderer) to talk about how photos can tell powerful stories of family, love and connection. 

Tell us a little bit about your family, Nathalie. You just got married at the end of August. Congratulations! How was the big day? 

Stress free. We pulled together all the little details beforehand, so on the day we were able to focus on what mattered most – each other, and our family. My husband Ben and I both have really big families, and we’re both close with all of them. For us, family is the most important thing in our lives. 

Our wedding was largely family and it was really special to have all of them together in one place. If you think about it, that’s probably never going to happen again! A lot of them are local, but some aren’t, and getting everyone together from all the different sides of our family, that’s what made our wedding so special. 

Even at Christmas, we’ll have up to four different Christmas events and sometimes they’ll run all the way into January, because all the branches of our family are so big. 

We recently got the chance to partner with you to create some amazing Snapfish products based around photos from your wedding and honeymoon. What do you think is your favourite creation, and why? 

It’s definitely hard to pick a favourite as all the pieces have a special place in our hearts and bring back such precious memories. 

The photo book would probably be our top pick, though. It visually tells the whole story of our day and it’s something we can keep on our coffee table and share with friends and family when they’re visiting. 

Too often we leave our special images locked away on our digital devices. Nothing compares to tangible images of our big day to have and to hold for ourselves.

Do you have a favourite family memory aside from your wedding?

From childhood, it’s definitely the family holidays we went on. I think as a kid I took those holidays for granted, but now I look back and think about how special that was, that every school holidays we went away together. Sometimes it was just up the coast – Byron Bay, Queensland – that sort of thing, a real classic surfie trip. We did a couple of overseas trips as well. 

These days it’s our Christmas events. They’re something that happen every year that you can look forward to. It’s a bit like our wedding – it’s that one chance for everyone to come together. I love to watch the family grow and change with new partners or new babies each year. It’s always our top priority to make sure we get that family photo. It’s such a mission! There’s always someone missing or you can’t catch everyone. But you have to try and at least do it.

Why are capturing memories like those important to you?

Photos, for me, are the most important things. I have to capture big events, like Christmas get-togethers. It’s amazing to have the photos and watch our family change and develop over time. I often thought I’d like to do a comparison over all the different years of our group photos. Not long ago I was a kid, and now I’m married and hopefully soon we’ll have our own kids. Watching that family change – it’s so nice to hold on to those memories, to have them in physical form. 

I feel like you’d forget a lot of things because there’s so many things I only remember through photos. Sometimes you think, do I really remember that or do I just remember it because of the photo?

And I’m lucky in that before a time when there were phones, my mum always took photos. She used to have an old school SLR, before digital; she used to always be taking photos. We’ve got so many family albums and she still does it now. It’s always been a constant in my life, and it’s something I want to carry on into the future.

Thanks for joining us today, Nathalie. We hope you enjoy your Snapfish creations! Follow her at @grateful_wanderer on Instagram, and check out our Snapfish Facebook and Instagram for more great photos of your Snapfish creations. 

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