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The Power of Photos: Sarah Roocroft shares her story

We’ve caught up with our Snapfish ambassador, Sarah Roocroft, who shares the power that pictures have on mind, space, and well-being.

A successful business woman, mumpreneur and mother of two, Sarah was running three successful roles at one of Australia’s largest companies and was just engaged to husband Sean when, six years ago, she suffered a suspected mini-stroke and was told by her neurologist to slow down and stop stressing. As part of her recuperation, she became fascinated with the workings of the mind, in neuropsychology in particular, along with learning new techniques to manage stress, work-life balance, and general well-being.

Now fully-recovered, she runs her own on-line babyshoe business Sienna Baby, conceived and staged the Wired for Wonder event each year for entrepreneurs and startup directors, she co-founded a business with her husband The Wonder Tribe and has just launched another business with Libby Babet, The Biggest Loser Transformed Trainer


Having a mini-stroke was clearly a life changing event, but you’ve brought some new thinking to some familiar concepts: take us through those.

“I realised that the topics of work-life balance, the challenges of parenthood, and stress, got plenty of media coverage, but, often, there was little practical advice, and even less inspiration available, about what to do in that situation. I became fascinated with how the brain actually works, and my neurologist told me  that meditation was a good way to manage the injury and recovery. I became qualified in self-hypnosis so that I could manage my well-being on my own terms, and learn techniques to meditate effectively.

“And you know, stress is a silent killer, and I’m now very aware of when I’m stressed – and that includes allowing myself to be cranky! It’s important to know when things are going wrong , and it’s even more important to know what to do about that when it happens.

“So – work out how to decompress every day – take a walk, find some quiet space, defocus and declutter your mind for a few minutes.”


How have you brought that new thinking into your work-life?

“The mumpreneur concept is very important for me – and I use my own example to empower mothers to start their own businesses from home when they start their families, often with their partners as I have, and do work in new ways to balance paying the mortgage and paying attention to young children.

“I love new projects and I love building new business but I’m still quick to pull out of a project if I think that the focus on my children and my own wellbeing are at risk of being compromised. And this is different from my previous corporate life – it is more like my own upbringing, where my Mum was always around and we always came first. She has been an amazing role model to me.”

So – what part do pictures play in your life? How important are they to you?

“I’m obsessed with photography, with photos, sharing photos. I use photos extensively of course in my businesses, including Sienna Baby, and creating new content also this acts as a creative outlet and prompts other ideas. 

“Photos are a beautiful way to tell a very special story, they bring colour to stories. We have gallery walls in our house, and I’m planning one at the moment using Snapfish, but we also celebrate the little moments. Often, friends will say ‘that’s a framer’ when they see a photo – and I actually do get those pictures framed!

“But while I think having photos around the house is obviously a lovely thing to do, research shows it’s also beneficial. The process of selecting photos to print and hang is obviously a creative mental process, and thinking about which photos to choose exercises your brain in new ways. The social connections that flow from talking about and sharing photos and their memories are obvious. And we know that decorating your personal space creates a sense of well-being in all of us, and stimulates mental arousal levels that create a calm and happy state of mind. What early man did with their art in caves, we do today with our photographs in our homes!

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