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Snapfish for kids: a Father’s Day creation

Five kids, two families, one Instagram account. Friends, Jess and Lisa started @theeverydaymums to share their everyday experiences as they raise their tribe. One half of the duo – Jess decided to round up her troops Olivia and William and channel their energy into making the perfect Father’s Day gift. In this week’s blog – she shows you how easy it was!

Enter Jess…

It’s always fun trying to work out what to get my husband Matty, for Father’s Day. He has every piece of technology known to man, although he would debate that. There are many items I have bought him that have never been used or put into a drawer after being used once.

But one of the perks of having kids, is letting them choose what to get him for Father’s Day. I asked my daughter Olivia what we should get him, and she said; “Some black navy pants, some hats, some photos…” and something illegible about Peter Rabbit.

I focused on the photo part of the sentence.

I have used Snapfish for loads of different projects. Photo books for the Grandparents, Birthday Invites and Christmas Cards – it’s a great option when looking for a gift from the heart. So, I decided this would be a great, easy option for a gift that the kids could get involved in. And they can do it in three easy steps!

  1. Start with what you want to make

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I decided to let Olivia create something special for Matt. She landed on a photo book, a mug and a couple of prints for his desk.

Hot Tip: Keep the person you’re buying for in mind when making your choice – but I am sure they will love whatever you choose. Remember to keep an eye out because there are always great discounts on the site.

  1. Select your favourite photos

It’s always nice to reminisce while looking back at photos, but it really highlights how fast time is moving.  Liv loves looking at photos of herself, especially as a baby. Each image has a story and we spend hour reliving the memories as we go.

Hot Tip: You might need to have pre-selected a range of images – otherwise you could be there for a while, but just make sure you give them plenty of options.

3. Get making

You’ve got your product. The kids have picked the photos. Now it’s time to start making. I let Liv choose some images, graphics and layout. It was much easier to do it on the tablet as she could drop and drag with her fingers instead of the mouse.

Child creating Snapfish photo book for Father's Day Child creating Snapfish photo book for Father's Day
 Photo selected for Snapfish mug

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Olivia turned to me half way through the photo book and proclaimed herself to be done, but after some tweaking by me, we finished his pressies. I really can’t wait for him to see what they have created. I know he will use his mug every day.

Get in before Father’s Day

Make sure you order before 19 August (standard delivery) and the 22 August (express delivery) to make sure dad’s gift arrives before the big day! Check out our deals here.

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