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Surf Courage – Imogen’s story brought to life in a Photo Book

Have you always wanted to create your very own story book? We’re sure you’ll be inspired to after you see Year 8 student Imogen’s amazing photo book creation.

As part of a project for her English class, Imogen had to write and illustrate a story which taught an important life lesson – a moral.

Imogen said: “English is my favourite class. This year we had a really good teacher and a really good class. We learned a lot, but it was in a fun way with interesting projects like this.”

Imogen’s story is called “Surf Courage” and it teaches the important lesson that you should never give up when you love something. It’s about a girl called Phoebe who loves the beach and surfing but can’t quite stand up on her board.

Phoebe has almost given up trying when her Dad speaks to her and tells her to give it one last try. And while it takes her a little time – she finally stands up!

Imogen had a couple of lessons on Photoshop to help her with the illustrations and then used Snapfish to upload her pictures and add the text for her story.

“This was the first time that I have used Snapfish. But it was really easy, and I will definitely be using it again!”

“Because I was a little further ahead with my story, I had more time to create my photo book. I was the only one who had a proper book – so that was pretty cool.”

Do you have a story you want to share – why not create a beautiful photo book?

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