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Top tips on how to photograph unruly subjects; children and pets

Learn how Emma, super mother and blogger, is able to defy the odds when taking a photograph to capture special moments of her unruly subjects; her son and fur babies.

My basket is very full. But I love it, and love what I do; being a mother to my young son Reed, a full-time uni student, blogger and influencer (oh, and wine lover).

My social presence began way back in 2011 when I created my Instagram account (@reed_and_mumma). For the most part, my Instagram account was always on private, where I would predominantly share images of my puppies. However, in May last year, I took a leap and switched my profile public – and have been actively using it ever since; posting regularly, to my now 13,500 followers.

Instagram is more of a hobby for me now, as it provides inspiration to go out and adventure, and take more photos to share with my friends and family (and to print for around my house).

I have recently started my own blog site “Reed and Mumma”, as it enables me to share more of my story and insights with my followers rather than through images. It is starting to gain some momentum as I’ve learnt what works well and enjoy the learning curve of blogging.

I think “unruly” is the perfect word the describe the subjects I am photographing – more so my puppies. Here are my top tips;

First things first – let’s talk equipment

I currently use a Canon digital camera, with a few different lenses. I’ve slowly been buying better equipment as I’ve been going along, and I can see the quality is definitely improving. One of my favourite new purchases in my tripod; it’s a handy tool when your self-reliant and want to capture great pictures. If you’re using an iPhone to photograph, although there is the new feature of portrait mode, you still need to make sure the conditions are optimum (lighting, zoom etc).

Phone a friend

I am lucky enough to have a very talented friend, @sandyfbe, who takes my photos when I can’t quite capture the image of Reed and myself together, which I also do for her. We enjoy teaching each other new features and tricks we have learnt, which is great that we both enjoy the same hobby.

Peace out to the weekday routines because it’s Friday!! Get through today and it’s the weekend ???????????????? We are hitting up the @mandurahcrabfest this weekend. Is anyone else going? Also – how cute is this snap from @sandyfbe ❤️ I’m smiling through my laughs because of Reed’s attempt to do a ✌???? (zoom in and have a giggle too ????) . . . . . . . . . . . #kids_of_our_world#kindredmemories#igw_kids#loveourbigkids#tv_kidz#_lovely_weekend#nothingisordinary#atdiff_kids#shared_joy#wanderingphotographers#adventureshoot#adventurealways#beyondthewanderlust#enchantedchildhood#honestlymothering#honestly_captions#igfabulouskiddies#candid_cmama#candid_childhood#projectchildhood#childhoodunplugged#letthekids#simplychildren#littleandbrave#discoverportraits#candid_captures#childhoodmagic#treasuremotherhood#youmemotherhood#perthkids

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Be in the moment with your children

My son Reed is almost 4 and responds to the camera well, as he knows what is going on. I think my number one tip to photographing children is to try to capture them as natural as possible. I have a lot of photos of Reed enjoying a meal, singing in the car and playing at the beach because I want to remember the everyday moments we experience, rather than just staged, smiling photos. Regardless, if you want to share them with the public or hold onto them as keepsakes, I think you need to capture everyday shots.

Happy Saturdays! Reed’s already up and starting the day with the same cheeky little face as this photo from @cuddly_farm this week. We are off to see the new @marvelstudios Avengers movie today with @sandyfbe. What is everyone else doing with their weekend? Any other Perth Mums excited for school to go back Monday? I know I am!! . . . . . . . . #kids_of_our_world#kindredmemories#igw_kids#loveourbigkids#tv_kidz#_lovely_weekend#nothingisordinary#atdiff_kids#shared_joy#wanderingphotographers#adventureshoot#adventurealways#thephotosanctuary#beyondthewanderlust#inbeautyandchaos#lookslikefilm#enchantedchildhood#honestlymothering#honestly_captions#igfabulouskiddies#candid_cmama#candid_childhood#projectchildhood#childhoodunplugged#letthekids#simplychildren#littleandbrave#discoverportraits#candid_captures#childhoodmagic

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Know your subject

Okay, let’s be real, every photo you take of your pets seems like “the one” as they are perfect in your eyes. However, over time I have found some little tips that help you get the ultimate shot. First of all, I want to bring up the dog-treat-behind-the-camera technique. If you’re photographing with a phone it’s great for a close-up, happy shot! Please note with a digital camera, you will need more distance between yourself and the shot, which makes the technique tricky to master.

Timing Matters

One of my favourite photographs I took recently of Reed and Lucy, was when they had both wound down after a long day of playing together. The moment of them snuggling together was too cute not to capture. I find night time the best time of day to photograph my two babies as they are happy to stay still and let me get the perfect shot. Pro tip: put a movie on to keep your little one’s attention off your camera work.

P.S I am running an Instagram competition in conjunction with Snapfish. You can enter here.

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