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#Twinning photography tips with Caitlin Miller

Caitlin (@__caitlinmiller__) doesn’t have much down time between looking after her three-year-old Tykeem and twins Tariq and Trey. But she loves photography and taking the time to capture those little moments. So she’s shared some of her tips on getting the perfect #twinning and family shots – even when you’re busy.

Photographing kids can be a challenge. When I had our first son, Tykeem it was a little easier, particularly at that newborn stage. But when the twins came along, it was a little more difficult. Not only to find time to take photos, but generally to juggle three kiddies.

Let’s be honest, you also have two extra bodies moving around!

But, I think that it is so important to capture those memories – even if it’s sometimes a struggle.

Of course over the years I have come up with some fun and interesting approaches to getting these photos “perfect” – or as close to it. So I thought I would share some examples using some of my favourite shots!

Tip: Picking your background can really make a photo.

I really liked the colours of the grass in this shot and how it offset what the twins were wearing so well. Plus, the different texture really added something to the shot.  

This photo was taken at my parents’ house. We don’t really have much grass at our home and so tucking Tariq under one arm and Trey under the other, I took them out to have a play – with my camera at the ready. I love this photo because not only did the lush and green grass make for the perfect backdrop, I also got to capture the twin’s reactions to their new grassy environment.

Nobody else was around when I was taking this shot. As you can imagine having one of the twins crawling made for a real challenge. I certainly made for a real sight in my mum’s front yard! Not only did I have to jump up and down around 15 times before I got this shot just to grab my crawler as he made for his escape, but also got pretty creative with the noises and facial expressions I was making.

If there is one thing I have learned from taking photographs of my twins – it’s that if you make yourself interesting enough (even if you feel like you’re making a fool of yourself), you will eventually get the perfect shot!

And remember, you’ve gotta be quick. If you’ve got a high-tech camera, switching it on to a sports mode or using the burst mode on your phone will allow you to capture multiple images in one moment. You can pick out your favourite shot later!

Tip: Get creative with setup and styling

I tried many different things this day to get a good photo of the twins sitting up! But really struggled to find a good background where we could keep them upright.

Do you know what ended up working to get this shot? Using a pull-out lounge, covered in a white sheet! You never know what you will need to use to achieve the look you’re going for – so make sure you think outside the box!

For the twins’ clothing in photos, my instinct is to always have them matching. I really do love the look of the same clothing and being fraternal twins, even if they are matching, I can still tell them apart.

You can guarantee that if you see them and they’re not matching it’s because one of them has had an accident or spilt food on their outfit!

Matching outfits also makes it so much easier when prepping for a photo shoot! You just have two of each item.

Tip: Make your bub’s comfortable.

Full disclosure, this pic was shot by a professional photographer and thankfully the day of this shoot both myself, my partner Tim and the photographer were all on hand to help manage the boys’ needs.

No matter how creative you get with the styling and distraction methods, I would say that there is one even more important thing to consider. It’s your bub’s comfort.

Are they fed and well rested? You definitely don’t want them to be tired or hungry. You’re not going to get a good photo if they are upset.

This photo was taken when the twins were quite young. For the boys, warmth always kept them calm and sleeping longer. So we adapted this idea for the photo shoot too. We wrapped them and had a heater on so that they were comfy and snug.

Our oldest son Tykeem actually has autism and ADHD. This adds a whole new challenge to getting the “perfect” shots of him with the twins. For instance, it’s hard to get him to look at the camera let alone sit for any longish period of time.

In this photo, we used a very similar strategy to what we do when taking photos with the twins today. We use his favourite toys and sometimes even a phone with some fun music or his favourite shows playing to attract his attention in the direction of the camera.

We’ll even say the names of Tykeem’s favourite cartoon characters really loudly to get him interested in looking.

We might not get a smile (we got pretty close in this photo) all the time. But getting a look and a perfectly-Tykeem facial expression makes it all worthwhile.

Remember they don’t have to be perfect!

No matter if it’s a family photo or just a photo of the twins, my favourite thing about all our photos are how they capture those special moments. And even if one of us is crying, one of us is not looking at the camera and one of us (often me) is yelling to tell everyone else to look at the camera – the photos still make the perfect memories.

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