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Wedding Memories with @woolandwillow

Wedding days are full of memories. Designer, stylist, lifestyle blogger and founder of Wool & Willow (@woolandwillow on Instagram), Georgina, is here to tell you how she used Snapfish to help preserve her wedding day memories.

Hello Lovelies, Hope you are having a lovely start to your Friday.

Today’s blog is a little different from my normal but being pregnant and hormonal has me going through memories and the one that popped out was our wedding day.

We didn’t have the “traditional wedding” you would see now days all over Instagram and in-general what we are all accustom too. We had a small intimate gathering of very few close family and friends in our home.

It was a lovely day well spent with loved ones and each and every piece of décor and food was lovingly made by family, friends and myself. I wouldn’t have changed a thing as those memories are the best to have and to say we all made this big day happen together means even more.

Having this small and intimate wedding meant no big photographer or extravagant wedding books, Flowers, DJ’s and dresses. Once the day was over we had all our guests send us photos and videos from their phones and cameras and made a little collection of all the amazing memories. Memories you wouldn’t normally get with a photographer.

Those are the most amazing memories in my opinion as you see all aspects of the day, the laughter the talks the drinks the dances and all the setting up for the day.

I found an amazing way to turn all these images, which basically still live on my hard-drive, into hard copies with the help of Snapfish online photo printing. I’ve decided to make a photo book of the most treasured images and a collection of copies which I’ll end up sending out to our family.

I’m not one to display all my family images in my home, but the idea of a gorgeous hard copy leather photo book for the most memorable days is a great way to keep those memories and look back at them every now and then. It’s also a great way for our kids to look through as they get older. And not to mention great coffee table décor when they look so pretty.

Snapfish have a gorgeous selection of photo books you can great and customise them to your liking. Below I have added my favourite options you could use not only for your wedding day but for births, birthdays, christenings or simply any special event.

1. Photo book – They have so many custom options, sizes and finishes.

2. Canvas prints – so many options for collage or simple canvas print will make for a gorgeous memories gallery wall. 

3. Photo Ceramic tiles – Perfect for gifting or even as a bonbonnier for Christenings and Parties. 

4. Photo Prints – Perfect for gifting to family and friends and keeping in memory boxes. 


Check out more from Georgina by following her on Instagram @woolandwillow or hitting up her blog.

DON’T FORGET –  Georgina is running a GIVEAWAY at the moment with us. For your chance to win x1 photo book or x2 photo mugs.  See the @woolandwillow Instagram page for details on how to win.

  1. Nat

    Hi my names Nat
    And it’s almost our first wedding anniversary I’m not I love with our photos but I would love to put them into a hard copy photo book and give it to my husband as a gift. I just wanted to know is there a way I can send all the photos though and you pick some and make a hard cover book for me ? Or what’s the best option you would have I don’t want a small book a nice big A4 size or bigger .
    Thanks Nat

    September 22, 2018

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