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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Is there a blank wall in your home just waiting to be covered in some of your most treasured family photos? The very clever Sacha and Anouke from the Maker’s loft are here to help you create a stunning gallery wall with their step-by-step guide.

Now you can recreate a Louvre-quality gallery in your own home!

What you’ll need:

  • Photos, printed – We’ve use 9 photos for this design.
  • A blank wall
  • Hooks
  • Tape

Note: We’ve used canvas prints but you could also use framed prints to do this too!

Step 1: Select and print your photos

You definitely want to start with laying out your photos. The number of images you use to start with will of course depend on the wall and the size of the gallery you want.

Tip: varying the size of your prints will add a little variety to the look of your gallery wall

It is always important to plan this out a little bit before you start creating. Once you’ve chosen the prints and sizes you’re going to have, draw up a little rough sketch of your different sizes to get the right layout.

We used the shape tool in Word to help get our layout just right!

Tip: You don’t need to just stick to photos, either. Why not design up some of your favourite quotes using our Snapfish tools? Just click “Make a Canvas”, add in a background colour that suits your home’s style and colour. Add your text and et voila! You’ve got your very own personalised quote images!

Step 2: Choose your hooks ready for hanging

The hooks or hanging device you use will vary depending on the wall you’re hanging on and whether you can use permanent hooks (if you’re renting there are plenty of removable options!).

We’re hanging on this awesome exposed brick wall.

We’ve used a tape to hang this gallery wall. But remember if you’re using hooks, allow for the extra “movement” as the string at the back has some give and the canvas may drop a little when hung.

To get the perfect placement of your hook, use your tape measure to pull the string tense. Measure from that point to the top of your canvas.

This way, once you’ve placed your canvas on the wall, you’ve already allowed for the drop!

Step 3: Find the centre point

Once you have the layout of your gallery wall, the first point to start is determine the centrepoint of your wall.

The easiest way to find the middle of the wall is to take a full measurement of the wall and halve it.

Then, you will need to take that first photo (the one that will sit closest to the middle in your design) and hang that first.

Step 4: Mark up your spacing

Before you start hanging your remaining prints, use your masking tape – to your preferred width – and place it on the wall around the edges of your first print.

Continue to do this as you add more prints to keep the same distance between each of them.

Step 5: Hang the remaining prints

You’ve got your design, you know your spacing… Now it’s time to hang the rest of your prints!

Finished creating your gallery wall? Make sure you share them with us on social using #snapfishaunz. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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